Simplifying Improper fractions

Improper Fraction Definition - In a fraction if the numerator is equal to or greater than its denominator then it is called as an improper fraction. Since in the improper factions numerator can be equal to or greater than its denominator it will take more than one example to explain it. Now How to do Improper Fractions Let us start with an example, where the numerator is equal to its denominator. Let us say 8/8, eight over eight is an improper fraction value is 1.

Think about a pie, cut into 8 parts and we still have all 8. That means we had one whole pie, it can also be said as one whole unit. We may think the number 1 is just a small number. But it is a really big deal in math, and plays a huge role in fractions.And we use 1 a lot. For example just as 8/8 equals one, 55/55 also equals to 1, 73/73 equals 1 and so on. So all of these fractions are considered to be improper fractions, since there numerators are equal to the respective denominators.

Let us look an improper fraction with a numerator that is greater than its denominator. If we have 3/2, this fraction is considered as an improper fraction because 3 is greater than 2. How to Simplify Improper Fractions– We can simplify improper fractions by simply dividing the numerator by denominator by long division method and we can convert it into a mixed fraction. For example 3/2 can be written as 1 times ½. Subtracting Improper Fractions – Improper fractions can be subtracted by finding the least common denominator of the two fractions and then converting the fractions with denominator as the least common denominator and then performing the operations.

For example: - To subtract 2/5 from 1/2. We find the least common denominator of 2 and 5 which can be calculated as 10. 2/5 can be written as 4/10 and ½ can be written as 5/10. Now we can perform the operations. 5/10 – 4/10 equals 1/10.


Dividing Improper Fractions– Improper fractions can be divided by applying the following steps. If we have to divide c/d by a/b then we can write this as a/b times reciprocal of c/d that a/b times d/c which gives us ad/bc.So if we have to divide 6/5 by 3/2. We can write it as 3/2 times 5/6 which gives us 15/12 and that can be simplified to 5/4.