3 Types of Graphs

Introduction of graph:

          A graph is a chart or drawing that demonstrates the relationship among alternating objects. They are a diagram showing the relationship among numerical values or amounts. The mainly used graphs are bar graph, line graph, and circle graph. Graph that shows the data in a diagrammatic representation. So that it is very interesting for the learner for view and study.

3 Types of Graphs:

Let we see about three types graph with this example.

  • bar graph
  • line graph
  • circle graph

These types are explained one by one.

Line Graph:

       This types of graph is extremely used for demonstrating data or information that altered frequently more time. Line graph is also said to be line chart.


Let us take the population ratio. Population ratio is calculated for every ten years once. The table given below gives the analysis of the population ratio for 6 years, which is shown below. Draw the line graph for the table given below.



line graph








line graph1




  • The above diagram shows the line graph. From this the year is denoted in horizontal axis and the population in % is denoted vertical axis.
  • The interval for x-axis is 10 year and the population percentage interval is 5.
  • Now, show the table that is for the year 1950 the corresponding percentage 62 is pointed as a dot in a graph it is placed among 60 and 65.
  • Until points all the table values the above step is repeated.
  • Now connect all the marked points by a line this gives the line graph.

Bar Graph:

       This type of graph is one of the graph type which effectively shows outcomes that are one time, that aren't continuous - specifically samplings for instance surveys, inventories, and etc,. A bar graph is obviously off with a series of lines called as grid lines. These lines typically mark off a numerical peak in the series of values on the axis or line.


Let us take one table values that is marks of 5 students, draw the bar graph for this data values.

bar graph









bar graph1




  • The above diagram shows the bar graph in which student name is denoted in x axis and the mark is denoted in y axis.
  • Now show the table, at first the name honey and the corresponding mark is drawn as a vertical bar.
  • This process is repeated until all the datas are plotted.


Circle Graph:

      If the circle is splitted into number of parts or segment then the graph is called circle graph. In this type of graph each part denotes the part of data.


Let us consider the example for who like the particular fruits which is shown in the below table as a percentage. Now draw the circle graph for these datas.  



circle graph








circle graph1